Losing 100lbs+ : being healthy outweighs vanity

Many of you know my story. Made the decision to lose weight, went for it, and succeeded. Not only did I lose weight, but I lost what could have been another person (my 10 year old weighs 100lbs). I won't lie, the perks of losing weight is amazing! My favorite one? Shopping! But with massive weight loss comes things some may consider a downside.
You'd be amazed how often I receive questions from women wondering what I'm going to do about my stretch marks and if I have loose skin. Those questions are usually followed by them saying that's what they fear most about losing weight... The aftermath so to speak.
I'll be honest, I'm always baffled by those questions. Sometimes I don't even respond because I feel like there is no way they could actually mean to ask them. Have we become so fixated on what society thinks of us, that we would risk being unhealthy for the sake of being "flab" free? And maybe I'm missing something because when I was 280lbs, I was flabby and had stretch marks.
My stretch marks on my stomach always grabs the attention of women on my Facebook page. I share these pictures on purpose. I could easily share others of me covered up or go as far as to ask my photog to edit them out, but how would that help you? In addition to that not helping you, it would not be my truth. My reality so to speak. I'm a woman. I'm a mother of 3. I'm a person that once weighed nearly 300lbs and decided to take charge of my health. This is my aftermath. The proof of what my body was capable of doing.
I don't know about you, but I see it as something to be proud of. The result of being human. There is nothing to hide or to be ashamed of. Don't let vanity stand in the way of your greatness.
All images by Kaye McCoy


Angelique Robinson said...

Thank you for sharing your truth. As I lose weight,watching my body change has been rewarding and frightening. I'm not afraid of loose skin or stretch marks. I'm afraid of the attention my weightloss brings. Talking about myself is difficult, I feel exposed anxious and often embarrased. In the past, my weightloss came with male attention. I'm working on my insides really hard this time to live in my truth and not feel embarrassed by attention, to say thank you to compliments, know that I deserve to be healthy and wear cute clothes. I struggle daily getting my mind right and forgiving myself, the weightloss is an added bonus. Thank you.

Erica Ryan said...

Hi I appreciate your truth but I once asked how did you deal or manage to get rid of loose skin or flabby arms. You never answered! Im not ashamed of them, i was just looking for advice, different things you did...exercises etc. If you dont mind me asking again, any suggestions? I know everyone body is different and it takes just as much work to tone as it do to lose the weight. I have currently lose 48lbs and looking forward to losing at least 20 more. Be healthy and thanks!

It's Bobbie's World said...

Heyyyy Lakeitha! Thank you for being so transparent. Thank you for sharing soooo much of you. Thank you for being so inspirational to all Whois on this journey as well.. I am on my weight loss journey as well. Currently, I have loss 15lbs and looking to drop 60 more lbs. 😊

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