Plans for the week, weigh in, and a winner!

Last week was pretty good to me.  Not only did I post here like I wanted to, but I also got a lot of work done around my house and in my shop.   As far as getting back on track weight wise, I kinda fell short in a few areas.  I consumed far too many cashews and pecans.  I realized that I just can't control myself with them in my sight! They truly are my weakness.  On top of that, I had Zaxby's and some wings from Publix which threw me off course a bit.  But, for the most part, I did pretty well and I plan to add workouts to my schedule this week starting with a trip to the mountain tomorrow!
I weighed in this morning and figured I would share that with you.  172 on the dot! I'm shooting for 165 by Sept. 7th.  I definitely think I can get there without starving myself:-)
After Sept. 7th, I'm quitting this "weight loss journey" of mine.  That will be 2 years since I decided to focus on my health and one year of maintaining my weight.  I would like to think that by now, I have it under control and honestly, I feel like this is starting to stress me out! Don't get me wrong, living a healthy life is definitely part of my day to day at this point, but I will no longer make my weight the center of attention. 
Coming up on the blog this week, I came across an old post  of mine that was an interesting read so I'm going to share that tomorrow.  I'm also transitioning my wardrobe into fall so I have an outfit post scheduled to give you an idea of what my fall style will consist of, I'm making my office work double duty by transforming it into my closet and office so I'll share more about that, and lastly, and what I'm most excited about is that I have teamed up with another "clean foodie" that will share different recipes here for you guys every week on Fridays!
Now, lets get to the winner of the leopard pillow cover:
Taraneika Bogan !!
Please email me at lakeitha_duncan@yahoo.com with your home address where the cover can be shipped!
Happy Sunday!


ProudPR said...

Great post! I too want to focus on a healthy life instead that the number. I will be looking forward to you fall wardrobe post, after losing so much weight I need a whole wardrobe but don't know where to start. In a tight budget and starting college soon I need all the great info you have to share. Thanks for sharing with us!

Nikki Dean said...

I think you deserve it Lakeitha because you've come along way. Thank you for inspiring myself and others as well!

CurlyKye said...

I can't wait to see where this next phase takes you. Recipes, outfit posts and home stuff...I can dig it 😃

Gina Little said...

I understand completely!~ This weight loss thing can be very exhausting and when you have come as far as you have, you deserve a finishing point! You have done an awesome job, not only at losing but maintaining your weight loss and that is the most difficult part of the process! After I get back to the point that was before, all my focus will be on is maintaining also! You have done so many of us the greatest justice of all, speaking for me, you helped me get back on track that was so hard to do! Moving on to bigger & better.....Continued success & can't wait to see what's next!