There was a time when I associated a person not stressing over something or a situation being the equivalence of them not caring about the problem at hand.  I'm an over-thinker at heart, and on any given day, I would run something into the ground with all of my "thinking" on the matter.  But after everything was said and done, nothing changed! Either that, or my over-thinking made the situation worse.  I either caused a bigger problem, or stayed so stuck in the problem that nothing changed except for my blood pressure.  These days, though I still think a lot, I'm much more calmer.  Or at least that's what I'm working towards.  You see, the state of being "unbothered" by something or everything is a pretty good space to be in.  We sometimes stress over things that don't matter enough for us to give a second thought to.  When I say unbothered, it's not me saying I no longer care.  Oh no, it's me saying I don't care enough to give up my happiness or to waste valuable time and energy on. 
People will let you down, bad/ugly situations will come and go, but I will not allow those things to control me.  I adopted this mindset a little over a month ago when I was accused of being a weight loss fraud.  It really got to me.  Someone literally reached out to me in a personal message and basically said I wasn't being truthful.  That, along with the many ups and downs I go through with people who were once very close to me pushed me to this point.  Honestly, I owe them a thank you! It feels good to not care so much.  And when I say not care so much, I mean not to give my energy to those who intentionally set out to take it in a hurtful and undeserving way.  So, to me, being "unbothered" is a very very beautiful thing.  Try it!
 all images by the fabulous Kaye McCoy


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