Do you or have shopped at JCP lately? They have some really cool items that I could really work into my home. The problem is I've never purchased big ticket items from there.

The new Cindy Crawford line is very promising:

They also have a new furniture collection that resemble pieces found at ZGallerie:

I saw this chair in the store and it is SWOON worthy!!!

My question for those who have purchased items from JCP is how are they holding up? I like the lines of the dining table above and the color and style wood be a perfect match with my coffee table in the living room that is from Zgallerie.


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Yes, JCPenny, I think they are stepping up their game. They have become a favorite resource for drapes and drapery hardware...some really great buys. Have yet to buy any furniture, I know Copy Cat Chic features things from them once in awhile...perhaps they have an opinion.

Do their items post reviews? I rarely read reviews, but I have client that won't go near anything until she has read every review available!

And...what about paint color? Are you keeping us in suspense?!


Annette said...

Years ago, I purchased a pair of parsons chairs on clearance from JCP and they did hold up very well after some years of heavy use. I have never purchased any of their large wood pieces, but I have known people that have and been satisfied - just be sure to thoroughly inspect it after delivery because I have heard of pieces being damaged in delivery. Also thanks so much for posting this because I think I will try to recreate that nailhead storage trunk to go with my new thrift store chair.

Anonymous said...

I purchased my bed 7 years ago from JCPenney.com. It came right on time, was not damaged in any way, and has held up wonderfully over the years. I also just purchased a comforter set online there as well. The comforter looks WAY better than it did online (and it's pretty online), and I again had no issues. I use JCPenney.com pretty regularly, and they have terrific customer service, so if something doesn't work out, you can return it. Also, if you register on their website, they send some fantastic coupons out.

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

They do have some nice, new stuff. Also check out their website on Wednesdays, they have Wednesday deals. Normally 10-15 different things and most of the time it includes furniture at great deals.

I have bought a few Wednesday specials and people can't believe the good deals.

I can't wait until you are posting baseball stories. I love being a sports Mom, I guess that is why God made sure I got boys. I wanted a girl, but being a boy Mom is just what I needed. LOL I do borrow friend's daughters and I have a niece. So I can spoil, dress up and send home. LOL



Symone's Mommy said...

LaK - Thanks for the note! I'm back in the mix this weekend fo' sho'! We had the flu last week. I have LOTS to post but being out has made me lazy. Thanks for the push. May do a post or two tonight!

Suzanne said...

Hello! I have not read all replies here, so forgive me if i repeat anything that someone else has said already. I have heard from others that they are extremely happy w/ quality/price of furniture, etc. from JCP. (Well, i didn't say much, did i? LOL & sorry.)

Anyway, i am off to check out the 4th and 6th photos up there. Thanks for the reminder - i always forget to check out jcp when i'm looking for something specific.