When we purchased our house last year, "I" knew that we had to put in a lot of work to get it up to "my" standards (my husband not so much). So, I started on the inside by painting and changing a few fixtures here and there, and then I had a few of the bushes removed in the front yard.

Removing the bushes brought more attention to how bad the outside looks. And not to mention this past spring it seem like everyone was getting their house painted and ready for summer (can you say jealous much!). So while sanding my chair yesterday (in which I don't think is working for my closet office anymore), I saw the painter who has painted majority of the homes in my neighborhood. He came up to me and said "Now seriously when are you going to paint your house"?! Instead of saying "how dare you insult my house" I said "well you know the economy is bad", and I'm sooooo glad I said that because he said "I know" and gave my husband a price even "HE" could not refuse!!! Yes I used the economy as the reason for my house looking so awful instead of using my frugal husband as the real reason and it paid off! My question is now: What are good colors for houses. I don't want something that will stop a potential buyer (one day) from buying it, but I also would like something that would stand out a little from the rest. We have some homes in the neighborhood that "REALLY" stand out and I will show you pictures of those soon.

Now if I can just use the economy as the reason why I can't afford certain shoes (do you think Christian Louboutin would give me a deal?)!


LindsB said...

If you find out Christian Louboutin is giving out deals like the painter man then you must let us all know!!

What great news about the paint- I cant wait to see what you pick out!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you....I just found you over at The Little Green Notebook, nice to meet you !

Looking forward to the pics of the houses in your area.....

I like a neutral house, you can always add a punch by painting the front door, shutters etc...and when you tire of them they can be easily changed....

Good luck,
Kathy :)

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Ha,ha,ha!!!! I wish, send over some of those deal shoes when you get them!

House colors...I would love to see some of the homes in your area that you like. How exciting, love a good quote. I may have to use this tactic with the quote I am waiting for, if (when?!) it comes in too high.


Janell @ House of Fifty said...
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Symone's Mommy said...

hmmm...exterior color? I don't know. I would say if want color, go for a rich color like a teal then do lighter shutters OR go the other way with a neutral color like a platinum then brighter shutters. You can also do a bright red door for contrast on a neutral look. Can't wait to see.

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Our house is a cream with blue shutters and a blue door. I am happy with it, although I am leaning toward painting my shutters mauve and my front door mauve also.

The house across the street is bright white, black shutters and a red door... gorgeous. That seems to be a popular combo on our street, if the house is not brick.

You could also paint the surrounding around your garage to match your shutters and add black lights on the side of the doors. The siding part that edges our double garage door is painted a darker shade of cream to match the wood around the windows and the porch wood.

I am sure you will make a great decision. Congrats on getting a good deal. And the last set of semi-boots just scream your name. ;-)


###### said...

making a house a home....hey aint nothing like having your own though regardless....so congrats on that alone girl.

Deanna Jackson said...

Loubous are on my wishlist!!!

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