The other day I posted about new items found at JCP. One of the pieces I was interested in was the Cameron Dining table

Well today while doing my daily search of the net for things that are SWOON worthy, I found the Laurent Dining table from Crate&Barrel

Now I know your first thoughts would be the finishes are different right? The Cameron table is actually darker than it is in this photo. It is more of an espresso finish. Once again I'm going back to the quality. A lot of you commented and said that either you or someone you know has purchased JCP furniture items and they are good quality. Oh I forgot to mention the price tags: Cameron table($449 on sale) and the Laurent table ($1,699). This will be our first dining table purchase and I want something that is pretty much timeless. I want something that is going to withstand 3 boys! Do you have any suggestions for finding the right furniture? I usually read reviews, but the Cameron table is new, so there are none posted and the Laurent table has recieved rave reviews by people who purchased it.


Annette said...

Wow! That is a great knockoff. I so wish you lived near Dallas because my local thrift store has that almost exact same table brand new for $149.99! They get scratch and dent donations from local upscale furniture stores - although I usually can't find the scratches and dents! If you never see new items in your local thrifts, check out some others in your area. The thrift store I frequent is a local charity - not a nationwide known one like Salvation Army or Goodwill - so there may be one right under your nose that you may not be aware of. I found this one by word of mouth. I know the local furniture stores have to be donating their stuff somewhere for the tax write offs.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Well Annette sure has a fabulous tip. I don't know of this in my area, but if I did I know where I would be headed every time I needed some furniture!

But back to your question, I saw the table in Crate&Barrel the other day...it was gorgeous. But the 'knockoff' looks outstanding. As for everyday wear...if you want it to stay really ding free you'll probably have to cover it with a pad and table cloth. The only other realistic approach is to live with the wear or get a table that is solid wood and already has a distressed appearance. But that doesn't seem to be your look...

Isn't it nice when people's comments do nothing but make matters more confusing?!


Katy @ Eat Drink & Decorate said...

lurve it!!

Clint & Alicia McLaws said...

My parents have one similar to the Cameron. Its taller, and more square. They purchased it at JCP. I'm the oldest of SIX children, the other five being boys! Their table is a little scratched up (after quite a few years) but so far it has stood the test of time. Its in great condition, and it will last them many, many years to come. If they could do it over, I think they would add a large piece of glass over the top, to protect it from some scratches.

Nicole Marie said...
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Nicole Marie said...

I saw the Cameron table in person last weekend. I love it! I was looking at it for myself. I think I'm definitely going to buy the chairs to go with an existing table. But the table looked great in person to me, so I say go for it! Definitely a better price than Crate and Barrel.

Also, to Annette, I live in Dallas - what is the name of the thrift store you know of? I would love to go there.

Unknown said...

I know a little bit of time has passed since this orignial conversation, but...I am proud to say that my husband and I recently purchased the laurent floor model from C&B for an incredilble $350!!! Here's an awesome tip...Every year around Christams time Crate and Barrel puts a majority of their floor models on sale to make room for new items on the sales floor. If you can wait long enough, those floor models continue to get marked down and marked down some more...eventually they add 20% off the marked down price and so on. After eyeing the table for a couple of months it ended up getting marked down to 4 something plus an additonal 30% off...hence the amazing deal of $350! It was definitely worth the wait. I highly recommend checking out C&B during their floor model sale to find an icredible deal!

Unknown said...

@ Rachel, what state are you in? I've looked in Ca for this table and have been told it's been discontinued. I see your posting is quite recent, any suggestions?


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