When we purchased this house, it was a lot of things that needed and still needs to be done to it. I can go on and on about all of that, or I can just show you my next project which is my hall/boys bathroom.

I just realized that these picture's don't show the wall paper border. It was a mess!! I guess the "theme" in this bath was a fish or underwater adventure because the toilet seat has fish on it, the walls had fish decals on them and it had a border with fish on it. The color is baby blue and boy I mean BABY BLUE!!

I didn't do anything to this room when we moved in other than remove those fish off of the wall and put up the bath accessories. On September 5th I will be hosting an end of summer party for my boys and family and I refuse to let anyone see this bathroom like this again!


*Remove wall paper border (you can't see it in the pictures, but it is there!)
*paint the vanity/cabinet white
*do a little caulking
*prime the walls (because not only are they BABY BLUE but semigloss paint was used)
*paint the walls a sea glass blue
*remove the builder's grade mirror
*replace builder's grade mirror with one that is more up to date
*add new hardware to vanity doors
*Find a shower curtain and accessories that work better with the new wall color
*DO IT ALL FOR $50!!!


Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

Sounds great! One of my favorite projects in my last house, was my boys bathroom. It was simply perfect! It was a shade of Bright Yellow with Ducks! If you can imagine Yellow & Orange! This time, I chose a more adult look, since my boys bathroom is also the one most of the guest will use. Total Cost of complete remodel $750 (includes labor of removing wallpaper, sheetrock repair, new paint, new floors, new mirror, an exquisite vanity from Homegoods, accessories, and monogram towels)! Now that's a deal!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

OH FUN! Please post often with lots of photos!

What is it about fish and bathrooms? Oh...water, right! But really...the fish on the toliet part made me laugh. What were they thinking!