Question......Open Shelving?

While I'm finishing up with my kitchen, it's almost time for me to figure out if my idea of open shelving is a good one. My only draw back is having to clean whatever I display on them constantly.

What's your take on open shelves in the kitchen? Have you had them before? Do you have them now? Or is it a been there done that and never going back type of thing?!

***And when I say finish up my kitchen, I mean all that I can do right now. Have your husband ever said the words "Babe can't you WAIT on your granite and hardwood floors?"***


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Are open shelves a been there done that thing...hum, great question. Hard to imagine that would be the case as they are so chic!
I wanted them, didn't get them (didn't get the house they would have been installed in), but love them!! The obvious drawback is having to keep things really neat, or live with it all not looking so chic after all.
So...that wasn't much help. You'll know what to do! Janell

Tamstyles said...

i love this look. down right it would look fab.

SIL said...

Looks Great! I'm considering it in my kitchen. But I'm not sure what to display. Simply because I don't want to constantly clean whatever's there. So maybe something Silver or Some Oil, Herb, and Vingear Bottles. But, I'm with Janell, you'll know what to do. Because Home Decor in ANY room in YOUR house, is about what you like! Seriously, I see things that some people consider "IN",classy, or trendy. BUT you couldn't pay me to put certain things in my home.

Dayka said...

I was just talking about this in my post today! I love open shelving, so I'm biased, of course. I think the shelves would look great over that cabinet, and you could always do cookbooks, photos, accessories and lesser used items so that cleaning/rearranging everyday isn't an issue.

Mrs. Chic said...

I like open shelves - but prefer glass doors instead just a couple to bounce the light around the room.

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