You guys know how dated these mirrors are right? I would rather move into a house that had no mirror's than to move in one that has these mirrors stuck to the wall. Well, I don't have it anymore! I had a talk with it and the conclusion was it had to leave my house. As much as I tried to be easy with it and let it leave in one piece, it just had to put up a fight!! So I got upset and let it have it!

Yeah I took a hammer to it. But don't worry I'm okay, I got it before it got me!! First I taped it all over. Then, I got some plastic film from the garage (that we used to wrap our furniture when we moved) and covered the entire mirror. The reason for this is because once I attacked it, I didn't want pieces to fly all over the place. Even though it shattered in hundreds of pieces, my bathroom wasn't covered with them. After I got rid of the glass, I patched the damaged drywall and then sanded the area so that the wall will be smooth. I don't have any pictures of it so you'll just have to trust me! I also removed the wallpaper which caused the paint to peel and bubble so that was more time spent sanding and smoothing out the wall

I guess after seeing these pictures, you know what came down first. And for those of you that are late catching on it was the wallpaper border!

Next up....Paint! Now you know I'm doing this on a budget but I'll never skimp on paint again!


Tamstyles said...

good job, cant wait to see the after.

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Smart approach to taking down the mirror, I've considered doing this before and didn't want a potentially dangerous mess to contend with.

So, what is the color going to be?!


Suzanne said...

Good for you, girlfriend! (Can I call you that? I hardly know you? LOL!)

Funny you should post this yesterday, as we just removed our similar, much larger mirror last night to paint our master bath. (Painting started today) THANKFULLY it wasn't glued, though. Just clips. It will probably go back up until we get 2 new mirrors or one of those MirrorMates frames. Have you heard of those?

L.Duncan said...

Yes, you can can call me girlfriend! That's what I consider all of you gals!

And, yes I have heard of MirrorMate Frames. It's actually what Janell used in her master bath redesign. You can check it out on her blog at www.isabellaandmaxrooms.blogspot.com! I am thinking about using it in my master as well.

Thanks for asking

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Love the blue, in fact I have a similar blue in our ensuite bathroom.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, L! ;-) Of course, oh yes, duh. I have looked at Janell's bathroom numerous times and admire it. Either i missed the mirrormates reference there OR just forgot. No matter...cool product.

I have another question, is there a spot here (on your fun blog) for me to see select follow up comments to be sent to my email, as in other blogs i follow? (not sure if i worded that correctly, but i think you know what i mean.) Thanks again!

L.Duncan said...

I know exactly what your'e talking about. Hmmm... Hopefully by the time you read this, I'll have that problem solved!

Thanks for asking!

Suzanne said...

Yep. It is. Thanks! Just click "subscribe by email," right? Was that even there before? Did you just put that there? LOL. I just found it whilst leaving another comment on your shower curtain post.

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