You guys may remember me posting this picture of my coat closet that is in my dining room and next to my kitchen

My Sister in law was so ashamed of this photo! But really, can you have a good after without a terrible before?!

Well I've cleaned the closet, donated some of the coats that were stuffed in there and it's ready for some more shelves and paint

Looking good already huh? Well Here is the problem, our alarm box is in this closet. Who knew?!!!

This is my BIG design dilemma. Can I have it moved? If so where? I guess I should ask the company huh? Well I'll figure that out today because I'm ready to proceed with this project! I was watching some Martha Stewart Clips on demand (Comcast cable) and it got me all excited about this project!

Here is what I have to do:
*Remove the box
*add more shelves
*find storage
*Enjoy my new pantry


What are your thoughts about this project? Do you already have a pantry? If so, how do you organize it and what are your best storage containers?


Unknown said...
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Symone's Mommy said...

Don't move it...much more hassel than necessary given you will be closing the door anyway. Find away to conceal it in a pretty way - wallpaper it? modge podge some scrapbook paper over it? Stencil your last initial on it...be creative.

And try using floating shelves to get around it. Now, why can't I think of ideas for my unfinished projects LOL

Unknown said...

Hi there! I hope your house painting is coming along.

If it becomes a hassle to have the alarm box moved, install new shelves under the box! And paint around it.

We have a tiny 'coat closet' I turned it into a 1/2 coat closet 1/2 linen clost - thanks to Ikea!


Anonymous said...

No clue on easy/hard it is to remove it, but I agree that if you can't maybe you can work around it? I REALLY wanted a pantry when we built our house but it just didn't fit the plan. I ended up with roll-out pantry drawers in a kitchen cupboard and, as a compromise, I do like them quite well. Nice to be able to roll the drawers in and out.

Dayka Robinson said...

Not sure how long you've been in your house, but if the box has been there awhile, the company may update it. I have an alarm and don't have a box like that, so it's worth asking. Check out the closet maid website--it will let you put your dimensions in and play around with different storage options. You may want to make the bar higher and add some open storage (ikea?) at the bottom, depending on your needs.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

I would think moving the box is going to be expensive, if my dealings with these companies is any indication. I'd work the shelving around it, using this level for your larger items. What a great idea to repurpose this as your pantry.

You don't even want to see my pantry...I have a household of people who take things out only to throw them (literally) back in, to any available spot.

Good luck!! Janell

Cece said...

I would just work around the box, I am thinking it may surprise you about moving it. Ours is right in the middle of our foyer wall. CRAZY and huge!! I asked about moving it and I decided to live with it. HA

I know you will enjoy your new pantry. I have a pantry, but it is all pull out drawers. So they can't hold much weight and they are HUGE. I have been toying with the idea of removing all drawers and replacing with shelves in a horseshoe style. Hmmmm..

Can't wait to see your finished product.


40 Means Free said...

Not only am I ashamed of this closet. But I haven't even opened my own closet since I moved back into this house last May 08! I'm afraid of what's in there? But you CAN'T remove the box, you must work around it. I know this for a fact. It will be too expensive and who knows you might want to add security to your house, after all these Upscale "Ethan Allen" Renovations! But I can't wait, you never really seem to amaze me with your skills. How are the wreath order coming? Will you be doing an Early Bird specials? Rumor has it that your orders are filling up pretty soon. Also I'd like to be refer to as SIL, in your posts. It sounds wayyyyyyyy more stylish! Chow!

Tara said...

Hi There, Good progress. I have a mix of containers. Some clear ones with black lids, various sizes. I believe your standard Tupperware:) Then I bought some fun tin containers from Ross (pretty much like a TJMax) that say SUGAR, FLOUR, TEA. I have a fun purple container for Coffee. Other than that everything else is out in their packages. I do have a hook in mine that hangs Lunch boxes. I have a bag holder which houses all our plastic bags. I did see an awesome DIY project that covered an electrical box. If I can find it I will send it to you. They did a cork board over it. That way you could post some items in there like emergency #'s, etc. for your family.

Dayka Robinson said...

Thanks for the comments! I'll be sending you an email either tonight or tomorrow.

Mayhem and Moxie said...

Oh, wow! That is a tough question. And probably definitely not one for me. I am terrible when it comes to storage and the world of organization.

I hope you are able to realize get things with your space, though!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh I say work around the box as well. I love, love, love the idea of a pantry. I've always wanted one, but I don't have space for one in this house. One day!

Dayka Robinson said...

check out this month's real simple mag. they have a closet in there like yours, and although they didn't make it into a pantry, it looks really good. Might give you some inspiration!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

We had one of those in our master closet. Thankfully, it was located very high up, where it didn't get in the way. Can't wait to see your after of this project...


Ariyal said...

Can't wait to see it after the remodeling. I have major closet problems.

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