I wanted to show you how the dresser look after I applied some wipe on poly.

Here is the before (flat paint):

I love flat paint. I mean really, NO BRUSH MARKS AT ALL!!!

And here "she" is after being "wiped down"

(the drawers are not closed all the way do to lack of hardware!)

I planned to use the original hardware, but I'm having a hard time getting them clean to a nice shine.
As you can see in this photo

the pulls are full of grime. So I purchased this

The label promised that it cleans to a shine!

ummm....No, not a good enough shine to me! Do you recommend another product or should I keep trying to clean them with Brasso? By the way, this stuff is STRONG! I almost passed out from inhaling the fumes...


Rossheart said...

I like the bronze grimey look, gives it more character, unless of course you want a clean look. It's amazing how hardware can completely change the look of any furniture. I like that bold new statement your dresser is making...

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I agree with Rossheart, the hardware looks great not looking perfectly new. How does the hardware look on the piece? The dresser looks so clean, crisp and happy the hardware in its current state might look just right on it, a contrast of texture,etc...but then you know what you want!!

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

I still think you should use it. I like that it's not super clean and shiny. You could also use the pulls you have on the nightstand if you want something different--not saying you need to.

Chic Modern Vintage said...

I think using the original pulls as they are. is a great juxtaposition since you have painted it a modern color. They add character. Use them!

Mrs. Chic said...

I think your pulls look perfectly un-perfect! Just put one on the drawer and see how you like it for the day - you never know!

BTW - the dresser is a wow - talk about color.

Also - I gave you and a Happy 101 Award, check out my blog

Brooke said...

i agree with Rossheart. the grimy look is the "in" thing. it gives it an antique like look. Be sure to wear a protective shield with doing this. (you don't want to get sick and pass out)the fumes are crazy.
The look for the dresser is nice. FLAT is nice as well.