Who would have thunk it?! Five inches of snow in Georgia? Yesterday we received the snow that most of you have been talking about in your own parts of the U.S and it was great! After the boys woke from their nap, imagine the look on their faces when I told them to look out of the window! They've seen snow before, but never played it so they (and myself) were so excited to get out and play in it

But then I think they got a little too excited...

But, boys will be boys...I guess! So once they were "geared up" and ready for the outdoors we headed out back where they had a ton of fun!

as you can see, Nicholas preferred throwing snowballs

While TJ started on a snowman!

Where is Bren? Walking around with a hand full of goldfish crackers!

Even my husband got in on the fun after coming home from work

Here are two of my favorite shots from this morning

Once the boys realized their snowman was melting, they wanted to tell him goodbye (sweet I know!)

Here is TJ being....well, TJ!

Have you had a chance to enjoy the the snow? Have a happy V-DAY everyone!


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

That was the funniest post I've read this week! It brought me back to my childhood :). Siblings will be siblings, right?!

adventures of a 1st time mom said...

I love it they look very happy you got to see the pictures of your nephews as they were out playin the snow today.....and those were some good shots....i had some over here but couldn't take them due to me driven.....

and why didnt you get out there?lol

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

OMGOSH you could be talking about my two boys. They had a heavy duty wrestling match inside today, also. I thought they would have been tired after playing our 5 inches of snow and building a snowman. LOL Awesome pictures!! Our snow is melting fast, is yours? Your little ones are so darned cute.


Lisa said...

TOO cute! I send the grandkids out, but I get too cold to join them~I'm in charge of tea- a hot chocolate/marshmellow tea- when they come in!

Destination Seaborn said...

Great pictures! Your little guys are so adorable!
I've been watching your BR makeover, so I'm going to start following...I don't want to miss the big reveal!
I'd love if you stopped by sometime!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Adorable boys and pictures!! First time to see snow? How amazing and what a joy to share such a moment with them.

I myself am happy with just have rain...:)

AnneLoyd said...

So cute! Gotta love siblings!

I can't believe you have snow because it is 80 degrees here in Arizona.

Linda said...

Looks like the boys had a BLAST in all that SNOW! HAPPY V DAY to you:)


Tara said...

Happy Valentines! I know the South has seen some snow lately! We got about that much two weekends ago in NC and 2 inches this saturday morning. I am glad you and the family got some fun time. You guys deserved a fun break!

Natural Mommy said...

Oh My Gosh, I'm in OHIO and Snow is our middle name. I'm cracking up that the boys are still in their PJ's. HAAHAH TOO TOO CUTE! I loves it!!!

Mrs. Chic said...

This is so cute!! Your boys are adorable!

Brooke said...

It was toooo cold to play in the snow. And since Im from up north, I didnt care to see any. The people cant drive in the ATL and oh my they were sliding in our yard-left and right. Speeding up and down the street. Shame on them.
My family enjoyed the snow. Hope that's all we will get! So looking forward to the Spring Season

LindsB said...

You're boys are so cute!!!