I get asked all of the time what inspires me? The answer is simple: ANYTHING! It can be the color of the sky when the sun in setting, some new towels at Target, or my boys sitting on the floor playing with a group of cars! Erika, of BluLabel Bungalow wrote this post a while back when she was preparing to change her daughters nursery over to a "Big Girl" room! What I like the most is that her inspiration came from an outfit!

Ava Grace is now 2 years old and has outgrown her little crib...yet, another reason to redecorate! Items chosen for her room will grow with her through her grade school and teenage years plus or minus a few accessories! I love the challenge of translating fashion into stylish and livable spaces. Here's the adorable inspiration outfit (from Gymboree) chosen for this design...

Isn't that inspiration board AMAZING! All that from one little outfit! Erika is great at putting rooms together that starts from a favorite outfit!

What inspires you? Have you ever been inspired by something as simple as an outfit?! Do you have a favorite outfit that you wish could be transferred into the design of a room? Contact Erika Ward: Erika@Blulabelbungalow.com



Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

It was so great to meet you in NYC, you are a lot of fun!! Now...send me pictures! :)

p.s. curious about your take on the experience, show. Wow, people have been brutal...


Hello Lover... said...

So nice to meet you on Tuesday! It was a pleasure hanging out with you and chatting at the event after the taping - hopefully we can all do it again someday soon!

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

Thanks for having over today LaKeitha and for featuring my inspiration board. These are truly so much fun to do!