Hi guys! I’m in the middle of cleaning and cooking (I have collard green duty), but I wanted to pop in and and repost my tips for Black Friday shopping.  The stores are opening up EXTRA early this year which has really dampened my spirit when it comes to this special shopping day for me.  But I am planning to go out, just not super early on Thanksgiving Day. I hope these tips help you with your shopping tomorrow night/Friday morning!

The day that you guys have all been waiting for is finally near! No, not Thanksgiving, but the day after…Black Friday!


Yes! My favorite day! Why? Because I get to shop without my husband asking me what I need! For some odd reason, he NEVER questions my reasons for going out at 4:00am to shop!

Because I know many of you will be out Friday morning, and that for a few of you this will be your first time out, I decided to share a few tips with you. Hopefully I can help you make the most of your shopping adventure!



Find out all the stores that are participating in Black Friday. From there, find the stores that offer the best deals on the items you need and also find the store that offers the second best prices!


I have a mall literally 10 minutes away from me. And surrounding that mall I have Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Sams Club. I also have a Wal-mart close by, but in a different direction than where majority of the stores are. This problem is where my next tip come into play…


Okay, so you have to go to Target for a TV, but you need a laptop from Wal-mart. Have your friend or family member go into the other store while you are in Target. Or how about this, you don’t really need any of the major items from a particular store, but you do want a few of their stocking stuffers, the same plan works for that too!


shopping list

There is nothing worst than waking up at 3:30am and having to make a list. Better yet, getting out of the house and not being able to find your list. Print out your shopping list and print multiples. Give one to EVERYONE you can think of just in case you do forget it, you can call that person. Oh and leave one in the car too!



My advice for this question…CASH! Or, better yet, DEBIT! Okay, I know that some credit cards have rewards with them and that’s fine. For example, with my Target card, I can get 10% off with the coupon I received the other day plus an additional 5% off for using it. They also have coupons in their ad that ends today that I can combine with those discounts. Did I use the card? YES MA’AM!!! BUT, i turned around and paid it on the card. See this is what I learned (the hard way), a deal is not a deal if you’re going to pay A LOT more for the item later. It took a while, but my husband finally got through to me;-)


christmas 009

Here a picture of one of my carts last year. Notice that it is still dark outside… Also, notice the guy in the background. Nothing happened with this person, but you never know who is out there watching you. I see a lot of people go out and put things in their cars and then head back inside. DO NOT DO THAT. As soon as you head inside, BAM, your car is broken into and that’s not good! If you must go back into a store, I suggest you go to your car, act like you are leaving and then park your car in a different parking spot. And try not to pack things into the car, but into the trunk.


house 018

house 019

So you get to the store and realize that getting that 42” flat screen is worth it after all. Well, not if you’re packing it into a Sebring! My truck seats 8, but with the third row let down, I can still seat my Black Friday “crew” and my items! My back windows are tinted, but I do plan to take a quilt with me to cover my items…Be Careful!


I always have fun! Even when I don’t get a particular item that I had my mind set on. Shopping on Black Friday is really fun, but don’t forget that the sale continues on Saturday! So if you oversleep Friday, set your alarm for Saturday!

I hope that these tips are helpful when you get out Friday! I wonder if I’m missing anything…Do any of you have any tips of your own to share?

P.S, I learned from Mrs.Chic that Goodwill is participating in Black Friday with everything being 50% off! They are definitely on my list!


Unknown said...

I love this post! My only extra bit of advice would be to be really nice to the employees that are working. I used to work retail and black Friday takes on a whole new meaning when you're working it and not shopping. Thanks for the tip of Goodwill!

Unknown said...

I can tell how excited you are just by reading your post!! Have fun!! I might just head to one of or two stores on Friday, but i'll for sure hit up Goodwill :) lol


Black Friday is for professionals!!! I be scared to shop tomorrow!!!

retrorevival.biz said...

Happy Thanksgiving:)

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Great tips, I've promised Isabella we'll use them next year! You have to post about your outing from this year, when I got your email Max called you the "shopping ninja"! :)

love said...

did you know?

Black Friday:

1. September 24, 1869, the date of a financial panic sparked by gold speculators.

2. the day after Thanksgiving, one of the busiest shopping days because of discounts offered by retailers: so named from the use of black ink to record profits.

Idioms & Phrases

Black Friday

1. Also A day of economic catastrophe, as in We feared there'd be another Black Friday . This usage dates from September 24, 1869, a Friday when stock manipulators Jay Gould and James Fisk tried to corner the gold market and caused its collapse. The adjective black has been appended to similar occasions ever since, including October 29, 1929, the Tuesday of the market collapse that marked the start of the Great Depression, and Black Monday of October 19, 1987, when the stock market experienced its greatest fall since the Great Depression.

2. Any day marked by great confusion or activity, as in It was just my luck to be traveling on Black Tuesday . This usage, too, is based on the events of 1869, marked by economic chaos. It has since been extended to other kinds of confusion, such as an accident hampering traffic during the evening rush hour.See More