Yesterday I left off saying that I was headed to Ikea.  Well, shortly after my son and I arrived (and I mean shortly), he said he was sick and well… all kinds of stuff happenedSick smile

So my trip was cut short, but I did manage to grab a curtain rod.  While I was there, I had my hubs hang some bamboo blinds for me in the kitchen.  I’m not sold on them as of yet (I’m thinking they need to be hung higher), but I do love the fabric that I’m using for curtains

kitchen curtains3

The fabric is by Robert Allen.  The name of the fabric is Khanjali and the colorway is Glacier.  I purchased my fabric from Calico Corners.

Pardon the dark pics, did I mention that now I have TWO sick kids??? So I’m working around a lotSmile

kitchen curtains4

kitchen curtains5

I actually purchased this fabric to use in the family room, but decided that I loved it in the kitchen too.  I have 12 yards and I’m using all 12 at this window. I don’t want the window to look “cheated” out of fabric!

kitchen curtains

I still have to do a lot of hemming.  I decided against using the campaign dresser in here.  I think I’m going to try a window seat instead.  Cabinet hardware should be here soon so the kitchen is moving right along! I do need to do a few things in my dining room and living room to prepare for Thanksgiving so I’m probably going to be bouncing between these rooms in the next few weeks.

BTW, as you can see, I have yet to add the seats back to the chairs… I’m hoping I have enough fabric left over from the windows to use on them (fingers crossed!).

It’s November! Can you believe it?!?!?


Sing said...

I like the dark bamboo blinds with the lightern fabric, very nice.

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Love this fabric!! Hope there is enough for the seats...love the color of the frames. Janell

Loretta said...

I have some of this fabric and it's yours if you want it check out my post about it here

Just send my your information and I will mail it to you.

Moments of Happiness Designs and Novelties Inc said...

Looking good!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I thought I recognized that fabric. I love a pattern at a window.

petitevalise said...

I might be in the minority here, but I think that the blinds are too dark. The contrast between the drapes and the blinds is too much. I think they take away from the drapes. I love those drapes though!

petitevalise said...

Oh, I forgot. I think they need to be higher too. Starting right behind the rod. :)

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

Time is just flying! Love the fabric!

Shelly said...

Love the fabric and blinds on the window. The space ir really comign together nicekly. I do agree that the blinds should be hung higher and I love the idea of a window seat. It would make the eating area so cozy. Can't wait to see the finished space.

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

Everything is really coming together I love the fabric!!

Angeline said...

Love the print, the blinds...really beautiful!

Eugene said...

I love the fabric of your window treatment! It looks so soft and bouncy! By the way, the print is also love! Although, you can do more on your dining table like putting a vase with flowers and such. LeakProofRoof.net

Jeff Meltzer said...

They look lovely,The details at the bottom of the curtains are simple, yet they’re very appealing. It adds character to the entire window treatments. Congratulations on your window treatment!

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