While finishing up my kitchen and thinking of my family room and other rooms in my house, I’ve noticed something. My design style has changed (insert gasp!).  Now usually this wouldn’t be a big deal, and I’m pretty sure it still isn’t, but it’s a big deal for me because I mean it’s the complete opposite of what I liked just six months ago.

At one point I loved contemporary with a side of traditional.  Now, I’m loving a more laid back style.  Think farm house/cottage.  Does that make sense?

Here are a few examples

I mean, I haven’t gone country or anything (not that there is anything wrong with that), but it’s definitely not contemporary.  What could be the reason for this sudden change?  I have no clue, but if I had to guess, it may be from the eye candy here in blogland, or maybe it’s my sudden need to be comfortable in my space.  But hey, check this out, I only feel the need to do this in one part of my house.  How weird is that??? As far as my living and dining room is concerned, I still want that to be contemporary with a mix of traditional.  What exactly does this mean?

How can someone have this

Pinned Image

And in another room have this?

Pinned Image

Let me say this, I know that it is ok and possible to love more than one design style.  But is it possible to combine the two tastefully?  Should I channel my inner Sarah Richardson? Ha, yeah right!

And I’m not the only one that is going through a style change, if you haven’t already, check out Sarah’s post.  I feel her completely!

Have you went through any changes with your design style lately? Or am I the only one “lucky” enough to be experiencing something like this?!


Strawberries and Sweet Love said...

OH gosh! I've been going through the same thing. My taste has changed so much in a year. And I don't know if Pinterest and blogging is helping me or messing with me. Your not the only one girl!

Jessica @ Decor Adventures said...

My taste changes every week! I can barely buy anything in fear I'll hate it in 6 months. But I LOVE that people's style changes, it is a reflection of a new perspective and that's a good thing.

I say mix it up, have fun!

Stacy of KSW said...

Ahhh, you are speaking my language now!! and dont worry I share your same dilemma. I love this look but also need some color in my life to help offset all those toys ... just toss it all up to great style my dear and DO YOUR THANG! any old way you want, it will be awesome!

BKLYN Contessa said...

oh it happens to everyone ... your eye is bound to evolve over time. Fill your home with what and who you love and it will be perfect ... "styles" come and go and an overly designed space never feels like a home.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I totally relate. With so much information available through the blogs I'd be surprised if most people did waffle between favorites. Your inspiration pictures are perfect for a young family like yours, I can see why you're drawn to them.

Suzy said...

I go through this daily! I have ADD of Interior Design. I like so many different looks and I'm constantly "Ooohing and ahhhhing" over everything. But, I'll get there. When I'm thrifting and shopping, I try to stick with classic looks that can easily blend with any style. I love your blog and I think you will have no problem making it all work!

Sing said...

I think home style is just like our personal clothing style, it changes as we age. So yep I can see me going for more relaxed instead of contemporary.

Tammy@InStitches said...

It's ok for your taste to change, mine sure does. I personally love that kitchen and that LR.

Laurie Jones said...

I think if you love interior design and you're an avid blog reader you can't help but like different style, I know I certainly do and I incorporate them within my house. I'm sure anything you do will look beautiful!!

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Design styles evolve but do not change entirely..I have the same issue..it depends on your lifestyle and (in this case) the need to feel comforted and relaxed. There will be touches of your own style in each space which will reflect who you really are at the core. I see no harm in changes..it is about you, at the end of the day.

Jessie said...

I can totally relate with you on this. My design style used to be contemporary with a hint of the traditional but nowadays, I find myself gravitating towards a little bit of rustic country chic. The evolution of my own design style is probably due to the constant exposure of gorgeous images from blogland!

But I think change is not a bad thing at all. Imagine doing something new and different with your place every once in a while? Quite fun, if you ask me!

Have a wonderful weekend, Lakeitha!



I am like a schizophrenic with my design style...modern, country, modern country.....retro... I think it has to do with blogs and wanting every look I see :)

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

Told you, I can never place myself in a particular design or style. I just like what I like! I think one should be able to combine styles, but always keep it classic. Just in case, I wanna love the same space, five kids later. "WINK WINK"