FINDING A RUG FOR MY KITCHEN (stay with me people!)

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted a rug for kitchen.  The other day while perusing Marshall’s, I found this one.


  (Cute, right? RIGHT???  Yeah, I’m scratching my head on that, too!)

It made me remember all of the kitchens that I adore that have rugs in them.

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The above kitchen by Lindsay Reid, is gorgeous with or without that rug, but I do think the rugs add a little warmth to the space.  And while we’re looking at this kitchen, check out the window seat… Gagh.. I love it!

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What is the name for this type of rug?  I want one.  Kim from Chattafabulous told me to search eBay for one.  I’ve never shopped on eBay.  I’m scared that my first purchase will be a complete failure and I can’t send it back.  And knowing me, I would have spent a lot of money.

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Here’s one in Jenny’s Kitchen.  The colors in hers are just fabulous! OMG, this is what made me fall in love with these rugs in the first place!

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My rug is about this size.  Ok, maybe it’s a little smaller.  I wish I could see the rest of this kitchen just to see how large the kitchen is as it relates to the rug used in it.  I’m guessing it’s small like mine.

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I love that they have more than one rug in this kitchen.  I also love the pops of red.  The next pictures uses more than one rug, too, but I don’t think I like it as much.

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(Doesn’t it seem like this kitchen have too much going on???)

So I was thinking that the rug I found would work for right now, but now that I’m looking at it here, I’m not so sure.  I’m going to keep going with the plans for the kitchen before I start searching for another rug.  Maybe the right one will find me.



Another reason why I think I chose this rug was for the colors.  They’re actually perfect in my kitchen, but it wouldn’t hurt to have one that makes more of a statement.  I absolutely hate it when something so simple leaves me scratching my head….

Happy Tuesday!



Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

I've never considered putting a rug in my kitchen, it would certainly have to be an worn beauty, to handle all the spills my family makes! I love the colors in yours...can I say I wish it was a little bigger? Which reminds me, our kitchen when I was a kid in Nome was carpeted. Now that has to be a first! Flat industrial type, but none the less carpet. But at -40 you wanted a warm floor in the kitchen! Janell

La Monica said...

I agree w/Janell, you def have room for a larger rug. Maybe you can stitch some smaller ones together if you can't find a larger one you like.

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

A pop of color would be nice, rugs for the kitchen are tricky because of the awkardness of many kitchens. Do you want the rug in front of the stove or the dishawasher? I would go bigger but not too big you have to able to throw in the washing machine....see what I mean tricky.
Don't forget to checkout my giveaway :) I also like your note on the fridge LOL

Sing said...

I think all kitchen rugs should be machine washable first and foremost. Have you considered buying more than one of the current rug to make more of a statement? The pattern and colors are nice, maybe get a couple more and make it kind of like a runner.

Anonymous said...

I've always had a rug in my kitchen and agree with you that rugs add warmth and character. I do love the rug you choose but wish it was bigger so the impact would be greater.

Tonia B. said...

Please take that inky dinky rug back to where you purchased it, and get one similar to the ones in your inspiration pictures....love ya! :-)

Angeline said...

Love your inspiration pics & I think your subconscious wants a rug with some pops of red in it! (I like Sing's idea, too.)

Mrs. Chic said...

I thing rugs in kitchens look nice, however the one your bought looks way too small in your kitchen. \\Personally I'd take it back and look for something larger - like a flat weave rug (Dhurrie) I also like Flor rugs in kitchens they are easy to clean and have a bunch of style options + you can replace tiles if needed

Dressed Up Life said...

I like the idea of a rug but I can see how it could get dirty FAST. Have you considered carpet tiles? You can control the size, color and even pattern. Even better, when one gets stained the whole thing doesn't have to go!

Myssie said...

I like the rug that you have picked out but don't like the size. I think you should go bigger. ;)

Tonia B. said...

Lakeitha those are kilim rugs which most often is a reversible flat weave rug. Those rugs are perfect the kitchen.

Kat said...

I agree with some of the others...needs to be bigger...and yes, your inner you seems to want red! ;-) I love the design....just want it bigger. You realize that I now have to go stare at my kitchen floor now, right??? hahah!

Louisa Murray said...

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