On Friday I was finally able to make it to IKEA.  I had been wanting to go because all three of my boys are back in a room together. My oldest son having having his own room just didn’t work out like we thought it would, plus I figured I could put the other room to use in a better way. 

Anyway, while there I was able to see a few things that I had been eyeing on their website like the bunk beds that I plan to use in the space

ikea and park 015

These are the MYDAL bunks that are $159

I’m thinking of using to sets of these in the room and of course I would paint them!

ikea and park 005

I also fell in love with the colors used in this display.  The boys liked it too, so this may be the direction for the room.

ikea and park 006

The duvet is called BENZY and you must never judge an item by what you see online.  The duvet looks hideous on line!

I’m still loving this duvet that I used in the room at the Nicholas House

ikea and park 043



Some other things that I spotted at IKEA while there (that didn’t involve the boys room) included

ikea and park 012

These cute little “milk glass” looking glasses. And for only $1.49 a pop, I should have grabbed a few.

ikea and park 029

I think I need this little cart in my kitchen. 

ikea and park 022

I should have grabbed some of those baskets.  They would have been perfect under my bench in the kitchen and for $6.99 each (the top three), they would have worked for what I need them for.

ikea and park 031

I still prefer this table to my table.  The lines of it just seems a bit cleaner and less bulky. 

ikea and park 020

I. FELL. IN. LOVE. with this bookcase.  They also had it in yellow too which was equally lust-worthy.

ikea and park 017

I need the sofa, the table, the baskets, the chair, and the rug for my family room.

ikea and park 018

I love that they came out with the high gloss lack tables. They look very good in person!

ikea and park 019

High gloss EXPEDIT bookcase equals AMAZING! Can you see the shine?!

ikea and park 048

I wanted one of these chairs.  Why? I don’t know.

ikea and park 047

I almost purchased the pink chair!

ikea and park 021

This picture of the BILLY bookcase unit was not so much about the unit itself, but how this is the only way to get a picture of my husband for the blog!

ikea and park 041

To close out this post, I wanted to share the cutest napkin holder with you! I would probably spray paint it, but it looks pretty cool white. For $3.99, I may need to go back!

So, what did I buy??? I’ll show you tomorrow!