ikea and park 111

ikea and park 105

ikea and park 107

ikea and park 065

ikea and park 088

ikea and park 087

ikea and park 070

ikea and park 131  ikea and park 134   ikea and park 135  

ikea and park 073

ikea and park 121     ikea and park 120  ikea and park 123

ikea and park 138

There is nothing better than hanging out with my four guys.  And I guess they feel the same.  After a trip to IKEA and then a quick nap, we headed to the park that minutes from my house.  On the way back home my oldest told us it was the best day ever. I agree, it sure wasSmile


Hope you’re having a bit of spring type weather in your neck of the woods!


Deena said...

Your boys are absolutely adorable! Love days like this.

Tonia B. said...

It's always wonderful when a family can spend time together.

Hello Lover... said...

Some days, it really is the little things. Happy day to you!

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

Those are the best moments aren't they?! All three of your boys are adorable, but that youngest one is so cute I want to squish him! I'll bet he gets away with a lot- I'd have a hard time punishing that cutie!