Yesterday I was doing a little rearranging around the house and when I made it into my kitchen, I wondered how two of my cabinets would look if I took the doors off.  I’ve seen it done plenty of times and it looked great in those kitchens. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Because we use the same dishes, I’m not worried about dust or anything else being on the dishes.  To make up for empty space in the cabinets, I’m going to add a few baskets here and there.  (Maybe only two because my cabinets are small!).

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Of course Martha can pull this look off effortlessly…

martha open shelving


The kitchen below is by Julie Holloway from Milk and Honey Home.  I love everything especially the minty colored cabinets!

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I took the doors off yesterday evening and snapped this picture with my phone. I store all of our medication in the kitchen so by adding the baskets, I can still do that without the doors, but in a more discrete way. The wine glasses will be taken out of there and replaced with cook books. As you can see, I have already painted the inside of one of the cabinets so all I have to do is finish the other and I’ll be done with this project in no time! What are your thoughts? Yay or nay when it comes to open cabinetry? 


Happy Monday, Peeps!


Sing said...

Oh wow, I like it in your kitchen. I say yay.

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

Yay.....I like the open feeling! Are you thinking of putting anything on the top of your cabinets? That would look really good too.

La Monica said...

I like it!

Tonia B. said...

I like the cabinet doors off, but do I spy the microwave gone?

Kathysue said...

I say Yay!! I did this in my Moms kitchen which is the size of a closet and it really opened up the look. I love the inside to be painted in a contrasting color or the back wall mirrored like I did in my kitchen, it creates a window effect and really opens things up. xo Kathysue

Kat said...

Yes! I like!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Love it, huge fan of open cabinetry, but my family isn't so neat...really. My house would be a disaster without me picking up and putting things away as people leave a trail behind them and this would extend to the cabinetry. They open up a door and toss! So, no open cabinetry for me just yet!

ZoFem said...

Gorgeous! I love the deco and setting of the dishes and the many other kitchen utensils.

I love spacious and neat kitchens (homes)