Well it’s not really a “new” space, but the type of space I will be creating will be new to us!  As you know, my oldest son had his own room.  Well, after two years, it just didn’t work out.  What I couldn’t stop from happening was him not welcoming his brothers in his room and I witnessed him being a little mean towards them (like slamming the door and screaming at them if they tried to come in).  That didn’t sit well with me.  After much thought and back and forth, I decided that they will have to share a room until they “like” each other. I’m such a great mom, right?!

So the room has been cleared out

tj room

tj room2


tj room3

Totally different from this, right?

green big boy room3

So what’s in store for this almost finished being cleared out space? Here’s a tease

Pinned Image


With a little bit of this thrown in

Pinned Image


Oh yeah! And I know what you’re thinking.  She took that baby’s room for her own personal use.  Well, let it be known that I do plan to wedge out a corner for the boys in this new spaceSmile


Happy Friday!


Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

Hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do! Honestly - I think you're making a smart move making them all share - they'll figure out how to get along better when their forced to. Can't wait to see how your plan comes together!

La Monica said...

Hey, I'm not mad at ya! lol But honestly, I do think having your little guys share a room will pay dividends down the road. My son and daughter share a room out of necessity (we live in a 2 bedroom townhouse), and although they do fight, for the most part they get along and like to hang out with each other. I think sharing a room has helped nurture their closeness. My 3 year old son will tell you in a heart beat that his soon-to-be 5 year old sister is his best friend. And she really is.

Sing said...

Haha, I feel ya. Do ya thing mama.

Kelly at My Colorful Cottage said...

I shared a room with my sister growing up and we are still the best of friends:) My two older boys shared a room until they were teenagers and they are pretty close despite occasional wrestling matches. congrats on your new craft space, I'm in the process of creating one myself!

Tiffany said...

Cracking up. You deserve it! Plus the kiddos and sharing a room will be good for bonding.

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

The mom giveth and the mom taketh away! I'm sure it will be good for them they are the cutest little men :) I can't wait to see your new space. This is none of my business but you always take such fabulous photos you might want to start watermarking your photos, let's give credit where credit is due. Bloggers sometimes snag our photos and don't give us props protect whats yours. I can easily picture your son's bedroom all over Pinterest love those palettes. Sorry I'm rambling, have a great weekend.

Becki said...

My sister had 4 boys (2 sets of bunk beds) sharing a room and they are adults now and tell the best stories about growing up in that small room. Hope it works out because you are gonna love having a "mom cave!"

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I was wowing on the closet! How fun is that! Decorating a new room is always a win win in my book. How is the room sharing going now?

Three in a room or two?