Hi guys, sorry for such a late post.  I have been catching up with tweets and blogs and home life since I was away most of the day with the RSA project.

Here is where we are so far

RSA 007

here is a pic of how one side of the room looked when I arrived this morning.  Here is the same side of the room when I was leaving out

RSA 020

As you can see, the other bunk has been moved to that side of the room and the mother’s bed has been moved to the other side of the room

RSA 021

The plan is to flank the mother’s bed with two armoires. April plans to build one, and we will be using the one that is currently in the space.  Both will be be painted white and the walls will be painted Nocturnal Sea by Behr Paint

To try and save a little money, I had planned to use a paint from Walmart, but while at the shelter, a rep from Behr paint called and asked for me! I had no idea they even paid that much attention to tweets, especially since I tweeted them weeks ago asking for help! Any way, the rep (Liz), asked me how much and what colors I needed for my space and now I have free paint that will be available on Wednesday to pick up!!! How cool is that?! I always say, you’ll never know until you ask!

RSA 022

Anyway, once both armoires are in place, it will free up the windows which will help bring more light into the space.

It’s funny, I swear that my room has the worse storage problem.  I hate that I got the notice of my new space last minute, but you know, things are working out.  I have adopted this motto

If it’s easy to do, it’s not worth doing!

More updates to come…

Thanks again to everyone who has donated to my room at the Nicholas House.  I truly could not have done as much as I have if it wasn’t for you!  As a matter of fact, I’m going to do a shout out post to all of my sponsors! If you would prefer to remain anonymous,  send me an email



Tammy @ Type A said...

what do you still need?

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Good luck with pulling the room together, love the paint color, how cool Behr is donating the paint! Janell

40 Means Free said...

Yet, you wonder why you have so many "Nay Sayer!" It's called "FAVOR" and GOD'S FAVOR it's not always fair. But it's all over you...just watch your room will be TOP NOTCH!

Myssie said...

Love the paint color! And so cool that Behr donated to the cause!! Love that! I can't wait to see the completed project, as I am sure that it will look fabulous!!

Brixton Nole said...

AMEN! I second what @ Mother of Vein said!

Kathysue said...

Kudos to Behr for the donation and Bravo to YOU for doing all of this for the family that is in need!! Amazing!!! You do look like you have a lot to deal with in that room,but I know you will pull it off and it will be amazing!!! Kathysue

Unknown said...

I'm so excited for you!! It's all going to turn out very nice! :)

René said...

I like your new motto and can totally relate. You are a star for taking on this project and I look forward to more updates.

Also, congrats to you & Janell on the release of House of Fifty!


Phyllie said...

I want to help you. I have been following your blog and feeling the pull to offer my services but I'm not sure what you need. What kind of storage would work? I might could help you on Thursday if you need another hand. I could definitely try to offer a donation, and I have several things in the basement that might work as storage. What do you need?