Today was a pretty productive day at Nicholas House.  I had some great volunteers come and help (Thanks Phyllis!)

rsa 001

rsa 006

The painter finished the other side of the room, which by the way, looks great with the bunk beds!

rsa 004

The armoire was primed

rsa 007

And so was this chest that was lucky enough the get for the room

rsa 009

We went through and organized all of the clothes in the bags. Phyllis ( I owe her so much!) and her daughter purchased the clear storage containers.  Although we can’t get rid of anything in the room, the clothes look so much better in the containers!

So tomorrow is the last day and I am super excited! We still have a ways to go in the space ( I even had to bring some of the work home), but I have no doubt that we’ll pull it off!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my sponsor highlight post!

Thanks again for your support!